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Auntie Fee & Padrino Cartel at Mobli Beach House Venice

Was out vending on Venice Beach boardwalk with my homie Ronald “Riskie Forever” Brent, when Aunti Fee came through to bless us. The Padrino Brothers Cartel had taken over the Mobli Beach House and Aunti Fee wanted to hang out and kick it with the brothers. At first they thought she was bluffin’ and didn’t realize she is the star that she is… even still we decided to do our own thing and end up having a great day at Venice.

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Tour YouTube Space LA before shoot!

Check out the YouTube Space facilities and preparation for Ghetto Star 2015 remix shoot with Sean Cole aka Nuttso Outlaw and Darris Love aka 2pac back holdin’ it down for and

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Interview with *Barack Obama on Tupac Shakur at YouTube Space LA

I was fortunate to meet President Barack Obama at YouTubeSpace Los Angeles a few months ago, and had the opportunity to interview him on a few important subjects related to the legendary Tupac Shakur.

This interview is actually not really with “Barack” but with his #1 Impersonator Reggie Brown @IamReggieBrown in which we cover several important topics the American public want to know:
– whether the president is covering up any information on the whereabouts of Tupac
– what he thinks of his relationship to Jay Z and Hov constantly taking subliminal shots at Pac in his songs and lyrics
– what would he do if Tupac was alive would he pursue him with US Intelligence or welcome him home with open arms
– will he take American’s guns away as many are concerned abouts

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Maya Calendar Mathematics and Astronomy with Weldon Lamb

Found this video going through my hard drive archives from when i was working on my masters at New Mexico State University in 2009. This was a documented meeting with my professor Weldon Lamb who is a life-long student of the Mayan Calendar, having studied under Linda Schele and advancing studies of Maya glyph names with constellations in the cosmos.

In this video we discuss some of the implications of John Major Jenkins work “Cosmogenesis” and the controversial subject of whether or not the Maya had knowledge of “Precession of the Equinoxes” in order to pin point the winter solstice over 2000 years in the future when anchoring the 13th “Baktun”.

Would love to hear feedback from any scholars on the subject… One of the conversational topics is whether or not these transitionary cosmic events will or is already effecting and shifting consciousness on earth.

The Truth About White People part 1

The Truth About White People and the ignorance of “White supremacy”, this video illustrates the backwardness of creating a system or measurement of superiority based on complexion.

In this I illustrate the fact that “whiteness” (of the skin) is actually a biological “inferiority” (of the skin), in the sense that it’s de-melinated (skin with absence of “melanin”). We touch on the historical and institutional mechanisms that have had to be put in place in order to create a worldwide class and caste system based on Race.

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For more information on this subject matter I would recommend some of the books referenced in this discussion:

The African Unconscious: Roots of Ancient Mysticism and Modern Psychology, by Edward Bruce Bynum.…

The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors, by Dr. Francis Cress Welsing.…

They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America, by Ivan Van Sertima.…