I did this video in Fall of 2014 and posted it January 2015. My knowledge has grown a lot since this original video but there is still all facts and pertinent information in here. Will be doing a revised 2020 version of the Great Hanging of Gainesville Texas very soon!!! Please let me know if you have any puzzle pieces, relevant or other information.


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The video below I did at the premiere of the Great Hanging Documentary by Datalus pictures in 2016. Shot and color graded by Sean Pollaro.

For anybody questioning my Gainesville, Texas pedigree.. the video below talks about my ancestors coming to Texas before the Republic, when it was still part of Mexico. My great great great grandmother Susan Dorsett (Howeth) was born in 1829 in "Tejas", the same year Vicente Guerrero abolished slavery in Mexico!

I would like to know other people from Gainesville and Texas history who have stories to share... I am always looking to learn or be corrected where i'm in error. If you have any knowledge or connections... genealogical or historical ties.. shoot me a line at get@asherunderwood.com


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