Live stream from the BLACK CARPET World Premiere "ALL EYEZ ON ME" long anticipated biopic film about Tupac Shakur. Pook Diesel (of Rap Sheet Hollywood) and Asher Underwood interviews with legendary 2Pac- Legacy friends and associates prior to the movie debut. Interviews include:

- Money B / Shock G (Digital Underground),
- Leila Steinberg (Tupac's first manager),
- Lady of Rage (from Death Row Records),
- Demetrius Shipp Jr (who plays 2Pac in the picture),
- Lt Hutton (Producer of All Eyez on Me),
- Chris Clarke (who plays "Shock G"),
- Floyd Mayweather (TMT) *almost lol*,
- Shout Outs from E-40
- Tracy Danielle-Robinson (Tupac's business partner),
- Zayd Malik / Outlaw RBG ( #MutuluisWelcomeHere ),
- P Frank Williams (Producer of new investigative documentary on A&E "Who shot 2Pac?"),
- and more.....

Make sure you go check out the movie by supporting this film you are supporting the Legacy and Movement of Tupac Shakur.

Stay tuned for updates to this live stream vlog. . .