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Apache Sue Trump Administration to Protect Religious Freedom and Save Oak Flat from Destruction by Foreign Mining Company

“Oak Flat is sacred. Its where the Apache peoples’ religion began. Where the covenant between the divine and the human was established. It’s like Mount Sinai, where Christians and Jews believe Moses received a covenant,” – Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign On January 12, 2021 the Apache Stronghold, on..

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The Flickering Flame — Life and Legacy of Chief Turkey Tayac

The story of the man who led the Piscataway Indian Nation and their revitalization in the 20th century. From his childhood and service in WWI to his work as an herbalist and traditionalist who embraced the advent of the American Indian Movement, to his last days and the campaign to have him buried in a..

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“The history of the of the Indian and the history of the American have now come full circle and are intertwined in territorial policies of those that control the monetary system of America.” I think its safe to say we livin’ in Revelations, the United States of America’s a reservation.. i pray to the four..

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The Sober Math Everyone Must Understand about the Pandemic

Written by Jason S WarnerSource: The Long Facebook Post: This is a long post addressing two underlying issues with the current response to the pandemic that leave me concerned. It’s the longest post I’ve ever written. For those of you not taking action, or believing the pandemic to be “over hyped”, you can make..

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Shooting My Shot W8OTW feat Kxng Crooked!

Official music video for “Shooting My Shot” by W8OTW (“Weight of the World”), featuring legendary Wordsmith and Eastsider Kxng Crooked I! Streaming all platforms W8OTW Kxng Crooked I Shot & Directed by Asher Underwood Executive Production: Bigger Picture Productions: Audio Compulsive Disorder: KingLife Management: Edits/ Graphics by..

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I Stand with Nathan Phillips and Indigenous People!

(? Teko Photo) Washington D.C. Piscataway Territory I am a descendant of Uttapoingasinem, the last pre-contact Tayac of the Piscataway Nation, by way of Big Beaver Chitomachen Kittamaquund, and his daughter Mary Kittamaquund… To all my relations… 4 nations.. I pray we find better dayz. Aho I am also a descendant of the Brent’s, Beavens,..

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Native elder, water protector, and veteran, Nate Phillips brings the medicine.

“This is a teachable moment for the youth. The earth is talking. The power of those drums. The sun is shining and the sacred mother moon is coming. Cleanse your spirit. Breathe.” – Quese IMC (Marcus Frejo) ‘Opposed to the dignity of the human person’: Kentucky Catholic diocese condemns teens who taunted vet at March..

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