“This is a teachable moment for the youth. The earth is talking. The power of those drums. The sun is shining and the sacred mother moon is coming. Cleanse your spirit. Breathe.” – Quese IMC (Marcus Frejo)

‘Opposed to the dignity of the human person’: Kentucky Catholic diocese condemns teens who taunted vet at March for Life

Below is a legal letter that was addressed to the Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky whose students taunted Omaha elder, water protector, and Vietnam Veteran Nathan Phillips. In the video you see MAGA hat wearing youth in mob-like fashion provoking Phillips as he was singing the AIM song outside of the Lincoln Memorial.  The letter, written by D.C. attorney and teacher Jenn Laskin, outlined potential criminal and school policy violation of the students and their chaperones.

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“so why make music that keeps you pacified and blind, when I can make change with direct action in my rhymes, to spread medicine to make you ask yourself and find, what’s really going on with these borders and fault lines?” – QUESE IMC