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CoronaVirus Updates: California, Chicago & New York goes on Lockdown

Chicago Getting Ready For Lockdown. Via Christopher Renfro. Posted By Persist and WorldStarHipHop. Military arrives in LA to protect us from the invisible enemy!! New York is hitting pause amid the coronavirus pandemic … the entire state is shutting down to protect residents from the outbreak. New Yorkers will only be allowed to leave their..

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The Sober Math Everyone Must Understand about the Pandemic

Written by Jason S WarnerSource: https://medium.com/@Jason_Scott_Warner/the-sober-math-everyone-must-understand-about-the-pandemic-2b0145881993 The Long Facebook Post: This is a long post addressing two underlying issues with the current response to the pandemic that leave me concerned. It’s the longest post I’ve ever written. For those of you not taking action, or believing the pandemic to be “over hyped”, you can make..

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