S/o my IndieGenius Media family Jamil Suleman & Aaron Jacob for this powerful piece and history from Bruce Lee’s best friend and senior most student Taky Kimura.

"Taky Kimura - The Heart of the Dragon" [2020]

Taky Kimura was Bruce Lee’s best friend and senior most student, meeting Bruce when he was just a new arrival to Seattle, WA. This short film tells the story of a Japanese-American who survived the incarceration camps of World War II, and went on to meet and train with the greatest martial arts legend of all time. Now 96 years old, Taky has passed down Bruce’s original teachings and the tradition of Jeet Kune Do to his son, Andy Kimura, who continues the legacy where it all started; in Seattle’s Chinatown/International District.

Director: Jamil Suleman

Director of Photography: Aaron Jacob

Camera B: Michael Brumfield

Audio Engineer: Dayana Capulong

Original Interview Audio: David Ryder

Editors: Jamil Suleman & Aaron Jacob


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