My bro Lou Kane aka Lasane Hamilton he batting 1,000% as one of the most consistent ears to the streets of music. Since the 90’s like 98-99 Loot has consistently put me on the dopest music from Texas before they blew up:

Starting with Lil’ Flip, Stoney Crook Mr Pookie and Lucci, Mo3, and now EStokes and MGE Pig Gotti. Dope artists getting in for North Texas.

Like my brother Tyrone Mack they throwin’ dirt on his name!

MGE Pig Gotti sound dope with MGE Estokes what you think?

“Forrest Lane 19 in a casket grew up a savage keep that thang on me. “

“Show me some proof or ID go catcha bodi for me”

This my bro Lou Kane who put me up on MGE we not playin. dam we was Denison dam str8 faded tho ya na see nathan yet .