All of the news reports are talking about the crazy with the gun but nobody is talking about the hero that put his life on the line. This guy put his body in front of a car, took a bullet, and lived to tell about it!! #BlackLivesMatter Seattle Western Barricade /Eastern Precinct June 8, 2020

This maniac tried to drive into the peaceful protests happening outside of the Eastern Precinct, in Seattle Washington...

Western Barricade

Then he gets out of his car with a gun and walks directly to the police!!

Western Barricade 2

For those who don't know what's been going on in Seattle at the East Precinct on Capital Hill, follow Shane Wahlund and his live streams.  The stream below is the original live video covering all of the events from the roof:

Omari Salisbury has also been covering the Western Barricade at the East Precinct as well, including both sides of the barricade and even interviewed the Chief of Police last week.

Big s/o to this guy he is a straight hero and the news should recognize him as such if you watched the video he saved many people's lives!!!

Hero-Seattle still