Listen everyone great news!! Go tell it on the mountain over the hills and far away!! ??? I woke up this morning to the incredible news that “Facebook cares about me” ????? wow I had no idea that Facebook actually cared for me!! I thought it was a software program, no?! wtf how can Facebook actually care for me?

Aye. Can a software program have “feelings of care” or concern for a human? I am not sure but very curious to know what you think… this popped up on my timeline and brought back memories.. wakeboarding at Lake Texoma (“Stoney Creek”), this este circa 1997’ish w da North Texas Crew??

damn bruh I’m on the Full Tilt in that pic on the real probably was jammin some NoFx that day. Made me go jam some NOFX this morning “don’t call me white I ain’t part of no conspiracy I’m just your average joe- Don’t Call me White” (Germany). ?✌?


B. For those who really f_c w me get @ me on @steemit learn how to use this shiiiiit..

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