My bro Jamil Suleman got too much time on his hands in quarantine!! He went smart on the track though as usual - mixing Hip Hop satire with real world issues!! A must watch, represent and share to support the home!!

Favorite line:

"is that the homie? Dawg what up!! Don't get f#ckin' close to me, 6 ft away or else my lysol will spray just like an AK"


No so favorite line:

My only hope is Dr Fauci doesn't lose it on the hourly news, thank God they didn't fire that guy!!!


This what quarantine will do to a brother someone support and share this art now!!!


For those of you just meeting my bro Jamil aka Jesus flow check him out at the Climate Strike in Seattle (in the olden days when we had the right to assembly).

Support the movement and stay tuned for more!!