Suge Knight jr says, “Pac is not only alive but in the studio,” and is 3 million for da feature… ? This past Saturday Knight posted, “I got Pacs back in the studio. New music coming.”

“I need the hottest producer to work on a project for ‘Pac,”

In October of last year, Suge Knight Jr said Pac is alive and well and living in Malaysia.

“[Tupac] never left us. They’ll be after me soon smh. For y’all tho ?,”

#Killuminati It’s just Krayzie to see Suge Knight son spreading this rumor “heard a rumor I died, in cold blood traumatized, you know momma cried but that was fiction, some coward got the story twisted”., We chased this story for yeaaaars… for me personally since August of 2003 and dang now its been 7 or 8 years since i worked with legendary (Makaveli commissioned) artist Ronald “Riskie” Brent, to leak the original video of Suge Knight Sr speaking about Tupac being alive…. which has been copied and seen millions of times… followed by the Simon video… what y’all know about Simon?

Over the years of TruthAboutTupac we had so many dynamic and deep interviews on the topic. To this day i still haven’t released or even gone through all of the interviews on the subject publicly. I still never released the complete interview with Lionel C. Martin which from November 2009 before the original TAT website was even built…

I never shared any of these behind the scenes memoirs or notes from my thesis “the Fifth Sun Seven Day Theory” and “The Strategy of Possibility and Hope”… I used to argue for hours about this with my partners Darris Love and Tupac’s first manager Leila Steinberg –

It really is a complex story with many layers if you think about all of the Behind the Scenes and what Darris always called “The Making of Tupac” and how Sean Sparxx and i located through triangulation, circumstance and betrayal we found and met the author of The White Book, or at least the person who “claims to have written TWB” (he has the copyright © )… all the twists and turns that story took thinking back on it is just mind blowing….even more so that it keeps coming back to the public will never let go of the “leyendo de Tupac Amaru” or that of The Prince and Black Jesus.

Recently a guy who calls himself “Michael Nice”, with a YouTube channel ICINI Studios has been putting out a claim he helped Tupac fake his death and then he fakes his death – (or so we are too believe) – lol how ironic he actually took my idea (again) ? lol if anything happen to me look ? for me in Bahamas ?? but the irony for real that dude actually had a video on his channel with ____ talking about our relationship to The White Book author- before he deleted it.

Forgive me for a moment for wanting to suspend “reality” and ponder the idea that Pac is alive and you can get a feature for 3 Million!!! Lol like what tha commission look like on a 3 Million dollar plug ? and can we shoot the video?!??? (Asking for a friend) if TruthAboutTupac Movement would stand up let Suge Knight Jr know we want an interview… thinking where we gonna shoot the video?? in Cuba or Brazil? Lol I was told once by the family of a close friend of Tupac that someone had seen Tupac in Mecca ?… although the close friend who always say it’s not true, it’s not possible, we would argue about it… I just Day dream crazy stuff sometime like shooting a video w Pac in 2020, he resurrect and get 45 to play ball w tha Havenotz like we need some change down here!!! Hologram President!!!! It’s coming!!!

Yea I never told anybody about my conversation with Busta Rhymes but he said he was gonna get w me later Busta holla @ TruthAboutTupac the time is now!!! Lotta issues in the world we need to talk about right now..

Who knows about the connection of Busta Rhymes and the insert to When Disaster Strikes????

This feels like ancient history already but I always wanted to be a believer, like our co author, friend and brother Drah Cenedive Rest – In Peace – he had a dream this would happen – but you know its been a long road and never ending journey… sometimes I miss those days grinding for “the truth”- living out the back of my car on Venice Beach working at the Hash bar – trying to decipher one of the greatest hieroglyphs ever etched in the fabric of time- but I do love what the process and the game taught me. I love that I’m pass the knowledge on to my daughter.

“The Power is in the People and Politics we Address”

There’s so much more I want to write once I start writing I can’t stop… so many interviews so much random information… what do you think have you ever seen the full interview with Sean Cole aka “Nuttso Outlaw”??! when he start talking about Tupac lyrics from Ghetto Star? ⭐️ “blind man and a dead body I’m bout to leave town, get my cash tho hook up w ______”

maaaan this get hyped again thinking about it… why I always called it the “Strategy” of “Possibility” and “Hope” and real talk but I still think Obama knows about and bit “the Strategy of Possibility and HOPE” concept because like I’m just gonna put this out there but I wrote that paper in March of 2006 and I predicted the election of America’s first Black president in 2008 !!!! #Facts this was several months before Obama announced his presidency (Celestine Prophecy) “it’s no such thing as a coincidence” is what I always believed–following every clue like it’s Ready Player One or Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and there’s a golden ticket out there!! Seven cities of Gold- Esteban – it is the knowledge and groundations.

Like I don’t even care no more I spent a long time thinking about this and basically my entire college (career), my undergraduate thesis which came of CHID “Comparative History of Ideas” program at the University of Washington in Seattle.. founded by Georgia Roberts who studied under Arvand Elihu.

My thesis looked at studying the conspiracy theory of “2PAC” through the lens of “Comparative Mythology in a Contemporary Context” by studying Black Jesus, Tupac Amaru (“The Inca King”), and of course “Makaveli.” Which I break down in this interview with Chuck D after the Grammy Event in Los Angeles-

so many memories and so much history… this just scratch the surface I gotta thank the Creator First, my family and friends and supporters – I love my partners and mentors Darris and Leila- my wife – and my daughter- my family who has inspired me through all the tough times…. let me know what you think??!

Would you like to go deeper into the puzzle pieces and thesis should I drop some never before heard interviews?!?? The white lady man I gotta say also “Rest in Peace Big Frank Alexander”, who we lost along the way!! Watching all these videos brings back so many memories.. thank you to anyone who actually read this and everyone who ever supported TAT movement in anyway. The legend continues…