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Petition for Joe Rogan to Moderate the 2020 Presidential Debate Gone Viral

I seen this petition earlier was 1/2 way to the 150,000 signatures it needs to take to next level. You can sign the petition here on We are petitioning for the Commission on the Presidential Debates to elect Joe Rogan as one of the moderators for the 2020 Presidential Debate. Here are the reasons why..

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Baby Calf Stuck in Icy Pond

My girlfriend Melissa Rous was jogging through the countryside and saw a cow mooing like crazy. The mooing sounded frantic but she didn’t think much of it and still continued jogging. After she had jogged her route and was coming back, the cow that was mooing started running with her as she was jogging. She said she “knew something was wrong because Cow’s usually don’t go towards humans (unless we have food)”. The cow then lead Melissa to the pond and it was there that she seen the baby calf stuck in the icy waters. The temperature was about 30 degrees out and half of the pond was already frozen, so she knew it was urgent to get the calf out of there. That’s when she ran to the house and grabbed me, and this video is what had happened next….

YouTube Space Los Angeles make videos for a living!

This video was made at a YouTube Space LA educational workshop where we learned the basics of lighting and “production on a shoestring budget”.

The first official video of Legalize-Texas Movement ( ), and the first of a 5 part series “conversations w Jonny Ray”. See Full 45 minutes version w/ no breaks in between click here

You are introduced to Jonny Ray and Asher Underwood in this video and given a little background on our history. The primary conversation centers around the discussion of Legalizing Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana (Cannabis) in the United States (but specifically in Texas). Simply for the fact nobody believes it is possible, we feel there is no better time than now for the youth and conscious progressive people to organize, vote, and back up that process with community action networks.

The federal government will no longer be prosecuting medical marijuana patients or cultivators and majority of the country agrees to the basic premise that cannabis is less harmful (and more beneficial) than alcohol, many pharmaceuticals, and over the counter “Drugs” .

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Auntie Fee & Padrino Cartel at Mobli Beach House Venice

Was out vending on Venice Beach boardwalk with my homie Ronald “Riskie Forever” Brent, when Aunti Fee came through to bless us. The Padrino Brothers Cartel had taken over the Mobli Beach House and Aunti Fee wanted to hang out and kick it with the brothers. At first they thought she was bluffin’ and didn’t realize she is the star that she is… even still we decided to do our own thing and end up having a great day at Venice.

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Tour YouTube Space LA before shoot!

Check out the YouTube Space facilities and preparation for Ghetto Star 2015 remix shoot with Sean Cole aka Nuttso Outlaw and Darris Love aka 2pac back holdin’ it down for and

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